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THE Journal Insider podcast explores current ed tech trends and issues impacting K–12 educators, IT professionals, instructional technologists, education leaders, and ed tech providers. Listen in as THE Journal Editor Kristal Kuykendall chats with ed tech experts, educators, and industry leaders about how they are 'meeting the moment' in the U.S. public education system.

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The Sky Is Not Falling: Turnitin Urges Educators to ‘Meet the Moment’ of ChatGPT


Turnitin is preparing to launch its new AI writing detection tool and related features to help educators better understand ChatGPT — and show them teachers how to use AI to save themselves time and how to tweak assignments so that ChatGPT cannot earn a good grade on writing homework. Hear why the former teachers working on these tools at Turnitin believe that ChatGPT has presented a growth opportunity for writing instruction.

Duration: 29 min.

Kristal Kuykendall

Tutoring Triumphs in Texas: Ector County ISD's Unique Approach Yielding Remarkable Progress


Over the three years since Ector County ISD launched its tutoring program, the district has achieved remarkable growth, and superintendent Scott Muri recently joined THE Journal Insider podcast host Kristal Kuykendall to share some of the lessons learned during the pilot and implementation, such as its use of outcomes-based tutoring contracts, highly structured tutoring sessions, and teacher involvement.

Duration: 25 min.

Kristal Kuykendall

A High School Class on the History of Poison and Murder As a Mini-Case Study for Competency-Based Education


Todd Ryckman of Cypher Learning joins editor Kristal Kuykendall for a discussion about the competency-based education movement, what it looks like in school districts that have been implementing CBE over the past five years, and how Cypher Learning’s NEO LMS empowers educators and students, regardless of whether their school uses the traditional or “modern” instructional model or more of a CBE approach.

Duration: 30 minutes

Kristal Kuykendall

Drones as Competitive Flying Robots? How the REC Foundation is Rising to Prepare Students for the Future Workforce

11/30/22 editor and podcast host Kristal Kuykendall visits with REC Foundation CEO Dan Mantz, who explains the foundation’s recent adjustments to its mission and vision, the addition of curriculum and competitions for drones and automation, and all the ways that the REC Foundation programs are helping prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

Duration: 38 minutes

Kristal Kuykendall

How Apple Learning Coach is Sparking a New Enthusiasm Among Both Educators and Students

10/30/22 editor and host Kristal Kuykendall visits with several K–12 educators, instructional coaches, and education technology specialists who participated in the Apple Learning Coach pilot program before it was launched publicly this past March and they share deep insights and inspiring stories about how ALC has been a change agent at their schools: from helping spark new enthusiasm among students and teachers, and improving the frameworks of existing teacher coaching programs, to building technology-powered instruction that dramatically increases student engagement, creation, and collaboration.

Duration: 30 minutes

Kristal Kuykendall

How Aptitude Assessments Provide Data-Driven Direction to Educators and Help Students See Brighter Futures


Aptitude assessments are helpful both at the upper levels of curriculum decision-making and at the granular level with students. Educators and guidance counselors can see the gaps in so-called “career exposure” — for example where students have innate talents or aptitudes but no career interest indicates they may need more information about career possibilities — and the assessments help schools better tailor courses and programs in high school to the career paths that students show talents in and wish to explore as a possible future job.

Duration: 24 minutes

Kristal Kuykendall

Way Beyond Virtual Field Trips: The Surprising & Incredible Ways Educators Are Using ClassVR Virtual Reality in Schools


Educators and instructional technology experts Michael Jaber and Charley Suter describe the “endless” ways that ClassVR virtual reality headsets can help educators get students excited about learning — and share some incredible and surprising ways they are using ClassVR in schools, particularly for special education students, students with autism, and those with limited mobility.

Duration: 34 min

Kristal Kuykendall

Why Student Data Breaches Are Dangerous & How They May Alter the Ed Tech Marketplace


What do the expanding impact of recent ed tech data breaches — and what the growing dangers of student data breaches — mean for policymakers, parents, IT professionals, and school districts? T.H.E. Journal Insider podcast discusses student data privacy, policy, and ed tech procurement with Doug Levin, national director of K12 Security Information Exchange, and Dr. Tim Clark, Vice President of K12 Programs at 1EdTech.

Duration: 38 min

Kristal Kuykendall