• Red Pill Cyber Insights from 3,000 Schools Like Yours

    The MS-ISAC serves as the focal point for cyber threat prevention, protection, response, and recovery for the nation’s state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments, including K–12 schools. This session leverages the MS-ISAC’s unique data set of threats observed against and reported by K-12 entities to distill the most common attack types, malware, and threat actor TTPs used against the sector. 07/28/22

  • 2022 THE Journal IT Leadership Summit

    The last couple years have caused a shift in priorities for IT organizations in K–12. Data security, student data privacy, and equity gaps have all come to the forefront as major issues impacting schools across the country. The drastic increase in the cost of living that we’re seeing now is not likely to help the situation but only to compound the problems of crime and inequity. For the 2022 IT Leadership Summit, we spotlight strategies that IT leaders can use to help deliver technology-driven solutions to the education communities they serve. 07/28/22


  • Financial Management that Stands Up to Federal Funding Requirements

    In most K-12 districts, outdated spreadsheets and manual processes define the financial management toolset. That’s increasingly problematic these days, when an influx of federal funding has elevated the level of public scrutiny. 05/16/23

  • Securing the Network Edge

    Zero Trust acknowledges there is no longer a traditional network perimeter to be defended, because applications now exist in the cloud and users can log into the network from any location. 05/02/23